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Nov 24(Fri)Peanuts(New Smyrna Beach)9:00 PM 
Nov 25(Sat)Peanuts(New Smyrna Beach)9:00 PM 
Nov 29(Wed)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)8:00 PM 
Dec 6(Wed)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)8:00 PM 
Dec 7(Thu)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Dec 13(Wed)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)8:00 PM 
Dec 20(Wed)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)8:00 PM 
Dec 21(Thu)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 
Dec 27(Wed)Hi-Tops(Edgewater)8:00 PM 
Jan 4(Thu)Boot Hill(Daytona Beach)8:00 PM 

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